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PowerApps Bootcamp & Training

PowerApps Bootcamp & Training
Tue, 9th April

Location: The Plaza EastPoint Business Park Clontarf, Dublin 3

Duration: 9:30am - 5:00pm

This one-day Bootcamp will be delivered by a Senior PowerApps Consultant and provides key insights on what you need to know when creating custom business apps with Microsoft PowerApps.

The Target Audiencefor thisPowerApps Bootcamp are:

IT Users & Developers interested in building LOB apps with Microsoft PowerApps & Flow. Connect data from the cloud, automate business processes and make your own app—no coding required.

This Bootcamp focuses on the Microsoft PowerApps & Flow capabilities through a series of Hands-on Labs and demonstrations. Trainee laptops will be provided.

Microsoft PowerApps Bootcamp Topics to be covered:

  • Build a PowerApps Canvas App for a typical business scenario
    • Signing in and creating a new Canvas App
    • Connecting to data sources
    • Filtering data
    • Working with multiple screens and navigation
    • Customizing the user experience
    • Galleries and controls
  • Use the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS for Apps) to progress the business scenario
    • Provisioning a CDS database
    • Getting familiar with standard entities
    • Creating a custom entity
    • Customizing entity fields and option sets
    • Creating calculated fields
    • Using the Canvas app form control to save data to CDS
    • Using the Office365 connector to get user’s manager info
    • Configuring Canvas app settings
    • Saving and sharing a Canvas app
    • Running a Canvas app on a mobile device
  • Build a PowerApps Model – Driven App to complete business process
    • Creating a standalone Model – driven app
    • Customizing forms for the Model – driven app
    • Creating a Business Process Flow
  • Use Microsoft Flow to build an approval workflow
    • Triggering a Flow when a new record is created in CDS
    • Sending an approval request
    • Conditional branching based on the approval response
    • Sending email notifications
    • Updating the CDS record with the approval status and the approver’s comments
    • Using the approval center on web and mobile
    • Checking the status of Flow runs



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